Welcome to the SummaServer!

A summarization service for RDF Knowledge Bases


You have a Knowledge Base and you want to retrive the top-k most relevent facts about an entity? Then you are at the right place! The SummaServer does the job for you. It currently supports the following KBs:

  • freebase
  • dblp
  • musicbrainz
  • scigraph
  • wikidata
  • dbpedialink
  • dbpedia

API description

The API supports both GET and POST requests.

The GET parameters are the following:
  • query parameter entity*: the URI of the resource
  • query parameter topK: the number of triples the summary should contain
  • query parameter maxHops the maximum number of hops in the graph the result should contain.
  • query parameter language defines the language of the output literals. We recommend to use RFC 4646.
  • query parameter fixedProperty: the URI of a KBs predicate. If this parameter is present, the system focuses on statements that involve the given entity in combinatio with the given predicate.
The parameters marked with the star symbol (*) are mandatory. Here are some example requests:
Moreover POST accepts request are allowed using the SUMMA (http://purl.org/voc/summa) and vRank (http://purl.org/voc/vrank) vocabularies in JSON-LD, Turtle, RDF+XML, etc.. Here is an example:
(to copy&paste for console)

curl -i -d "[ a <http://purl.org/voc/summa/Summary> ; \
<http://purl.org/voc/summa/entity> \
<http://dbpedia.org/resource/Porsche> ; \
<http://purl.org/voc/summa/topK> '5'; \
<http://purl.org/voc/summa/maxHops> '1'; \
<http://purl.org/voc/summa/language> 'en'; \
<http://purl.org/voc/summa/fixedProperty> \
<http://dbpedia.org/ontology/keyPerson>; \
<http://purl.org/voc/summa/fixedProperty> \
<http://dbpedia.org/ontology/owner> ] ." \
-H "content-type: text/turtle" -H "accept: application/ld+json" https://wdaqua-summa-server.univ-st-etienne.fr/dbpedia/sum

Source Code

The SummaServer is an open source project licenced under the permissive MIT licence. It is available at https://github.com/WDAqua/SummaServer. It is possible to extend the SummaServer to support additional Knowledge Bases. You can find a detail instruction here.

Contact us

Do you need help? The best way is to open an issue on our GitHub Repository.